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 Saxophonist Anthony Cannon was born in St. Michaels Maryland. He began playing clarinet at age 9, than he switched to the saxophone several years later. He started performing at the local open mic -blues and jazz  location in the metro Baltimore & Washington DC area. In the late 1990's he started playing with local bands and 2 other bands in Fullerton and Los Angeles California as sideman saxophonist. He played mostly Blues and top cover tunes in the R&B and Rock/ Pop music area.  2005 He signed his first Saxophone Endorsement deal with L.A Saxophone Company.  He now has Endorsement deals with Sax Dakota Saxophone company, Theo Wanne Mouthpiece company. Performed on stage with some of best current smooth jazz artist like -Nils - Cal Harris Jr-Super Jazz group DW3-Blake Aaron-Dee Brown and many others.

Music For Your Soul

I followed my dream to one day play music that moves peoples heart every time I pick up my saxophone.  I write my lyrics and music and produce my songs with 2 of best studio guys in the Maryland / Washington DC area, Mr. Matthew Shell & Ernesto Ponce.

Be Inspired By Everything

I find inspiration all around me.  I try to make my music representative of myself and my generation. I love to play in  places where the audience is right up close on the stage and they can really feel the passion and love that I play with.

My music comes from the center of my heart, I pull from a life long experiences some happy and some very sad, but we all know this what 'Living Your Life Everyday is all about' If I touch someones heart with my music, than all hours of practicing have not been in vail

God Bless

Anthony "Turk" Cannon


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